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Gifts for The Piano Player

Gifts for the Piano Enthusiast
Do you need a musical gift especially for a Pianist? Many Instrumentalists collect miniatures of the instrument that they play. We have so very many piano gifts we're creating a few specifically priced sub-categories for your convenience. This page contains PIANO GIFTS UNDER 75.00. For ideas and more info, please see the end of this page.
There are several MINIATURE PIANOS available in the form of baby grands, grands, uprights and even a simple keyboard. They could be made of wood, porcelain, metal, lucite, resin or believe it or not, genuine egg shell. Many are silent but many contain musical mechanisms that play a pretty tune or pieces that are associated with or originally composed for the piano such as (to name a few) Fur Elise, Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto, Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto or the nocturnes and polonaises of Chopin. Lovely MUSICAL THEMED JEWELRY, earrings, necklaces, charms, bracelets and collectors pins are sweet gifts and come in piano shapes and the more general notes and treble clefs. They may or may not have a few semi-precious or crystal jewels on silver, silver-plated or gold plated music themed brooches or pins. Our amber and sterling jewelry is reasonably priced and includes some interestingly subtle pieces. Subtlety is truly appreciated by professional musicians. Objects or ARTICLES WITH MUSICAL THEMES FOR THE HOME make delightful gifts. Browse our Tapestries, throw pillows, wall hangings, Lamps (especially the new LED 3d piano lamps that are perfect for the Family Room), mirrors, Photo Frame and Clock sets with keyboard pattern, Book Ends for the office and COMPOSER BUSTS. For the kitchen, consider our KEYBOARD DISHES and piano shaped serving pieces with keyboard pattern or kitchen towels, oven mitts and aprons, measuring spoons and measuring cups that will delight everyone. When you are looking for more expensive or FINER GIFTS FOR PIANISTS, check out our PIANO SHAPED MUSIC BOXES. We promise … You will be more than satisfied with our very impressive collection.