Assembled Timberkit
Assembled Timberkit
Battery drive for auto-motion
Color Your Musician with Primary Colors (Brush included)
Secondary Colors (brush included)

Timberkit Pianist Mechanical Marvel


Build your own Timber Kit! A mechanical Piano Player, carefully crated in England, are Mechanical Marvels in natural wood.

Clever kits! Fun for all ages, 9 to 90. Self assembly kit has parts that are fully machined; just peg and glue.
Build a set of all the musicians, make them move and amaze your friends and family.

Ready to decorate and paint in your own way or to leave handsomely natural. Approximately 7 3/4 high, and 6 1/4 wide, and 7 3/4 back to front.

Add the Timberkit Battery Drive 19.50 paint and/or brush set 3.50 each when you add to cart.

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