tumblers with musical instrument designs

Tumblers (12 Oz glasses) with Instruments

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Price $8.00 $7.75 $7.50 $7.00

These hip glasses with musical instruments and motifs make a great gift. Capacity: 12 ounces

Dimensions: approximately 3 1/8" in diameter, 4 1/16" High

Priced singularly $8.00 each, Choose from the following designs:

(Sorry a few have been discontinued and are noted below)

gai2201 Design: Black G-Clef
gai2203 Design: Blue G-Clef
gai2204 Design: Large Keyboard
gai2205 Design: Grand Piano
gai2206 Design: Violin (not pictured)
gai2207 Design: Flute
gai2208 Design: Clarinet
gai2209 Design: Saxophone (not pictured)
gai2210 Design: Trumpet
gai2211 Design: Trombone - discontinued
gai2212 Design: French Horn - discontinued
gai2213 Design: Drum
gai2214 Design: Kitten on Keyboard - discontinued
gai2215 Design: Bass Clef

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