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Tzedakah Box - Orchestra Design


Charity box, Tzedakah, for the Jewish home, in the tradition of charity, giving is a traditional way to commemorate special occasions and life events. 

This very special item is silently and  lovingly musical. It measures approximately 4.5" at widest point and 5.5" high.

Images on this beautiful box may include a harp, bass clarinet,trumpet, music and piano. Another may feature a trombone,  guitar,  Timpani, an  upright piano or a Baby grand.  They all vary slightly with a Saxophone and violin on the lids.

Designed and lovingly hand painted by Diane Fuller, Desert Kippot.

It can be customized with your recipient's name or a Family Name with the date of Moving into a new home. When you add to cart you may use a provided text box to communicate with us.


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