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At TheMusicHouse.com, we have an impressive selection of Russian-themed music gifts. Our music boxes with Russian art styles are just one type of gift that we have in our inventory. All of our music boxes are made and painted by hand, showing an unmatched quality and attention to detail. When you look closely at our Russian music boxes, you'll appreciate them as a work of art instead of any old keepsake box that you'd forget about. Our music boxes with Russian tunes are special. Just look at these incredible works of art, and you'll know. No matter who's on your list, whether it's the world traveler, the music lover or the art enthusiast, any of our gorgeous music boxes will make an unforgettable gift for them.

Types of Russian-Style Music Boxes

The two main types of Russian music boxes that we carry differ by their structures. One type is a traditional-looking music box that can come in a round or square design. The other is built to look like something else, whether it's an instrument or a signature building in Russia.

No matter the type of music box you ultimately choose, you'll find that each one has a unique art style. Even though two people may buy the same music box at TheMusicHouse.com, every box is a little bit different. Our music boxes aren't made by machines — they're made by hand to give them a truly one-of-a-kind look. Even if two people order the same music box, their products won't look identical.

Music boxes come from all kinds of different cultures in Europe. Russian music boxes are unique because they're painted with cultural motifs and use music from Russia. For instance, the country is known for its beautiful and talented team for the national ballet. These ballerinas are renowned all over the world as being some of the very best. You may see motifs like this painted on our Russian music boxes.

When you shop for a music box, you want it to really represent the culture it comes from. Fortunately, from intricate boxes built to look like famous buildings to scenes from famous musical works, every Russian music box in our inventory reflects a true inspiration of Russian culture.

Besides art, Russia has so many beautiful musical works. Every music box has a musical selection that reflects one of Russia's most iconic works. Scheherazade, a dramatic piece played by a symphony orchestra, and the Nutcracker, a world-famous ballet, are just a few musical pieces used in our Russian music boxes.

The History of Russian Music Boxes

Antoine Favre, a watchmaker from Switzerland, is credited with inventing the music box in 1796. Switzerland is possibly best-known for their music boxes because of this history, but other countries in Europe quickly adopted this keepsake and gave it their own unique touch. Today, you can buy music boxes from almost any European country, like Switzerland, Russia, Germany and more.

A Russian music box from TheMusicHouse.com will make an amazing gift for anyone on your list. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and other special occasions can become even more special and memorable with one of our music boxes. Browse our selection now.