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Musical Jewelry - Musical Instrument Collector Pins


These highly regarded perfect miniature musical instrument pins were originally designed and produced by an American Company called "Future Primitive." The company may have changed hands but the pins now sold under the name of "Harmony" are still being produced with the same quality and precision. The accuracy of design of each instrument never ceases to amaze.

Every instrument has been replicated to perfection. A French horn player can tell that the instrument is a double horn. The saxophones have their particular differences and the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxes are in evidence. The Bach Silver Trumpet to the Beatles' Hofner fretless bass guitar that Paul McCartney played, is included in the line-up.

Almost all of the important electric guitars and electric basses are represented in the popular Gibson, Gretch and Fender Hollow body or solid models. The famous Martin Acoustic Steel String and a Classical Nylon String or the Electric/Acoustic Ovations, in their authenticity, are set forth.

Start or add to a collection, proudly wear your instrument on your person or gift a musician friend.... these extraordinary pieces of wearable art will be enjoyed!