Make your own crystal radio set. Kit by Flights of Fancy

Natural Radio Receiver kit by Flights of Fancy


Make your own crystal radio set just like your grandfather (or great grandfather) did. Listen to your favorite stations on the AM waveband. It works without any electricity or batteries.

You have only to ground it to something like a radiator, metal plumbing that ultimately goes into the ground or a metal fence pole going into the earth and use the other supplied wire as an antenna.

This is a great science project or learning experience. A great educational gift. The Boxed kit includes a 24-page booklet which gives a detailed history, pertinent facts and full instructions.

It even includes a screwdriver.

This company also produces a kit to make your own Morse Code Practice set with a tapper, buzzer light bulb, and battery box. Let us know by email if you would be interested in something like this. It's not exactly musical so we haven't included it in our inventory but we can get it for you.

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