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Weighted Stopper in Use

Weighted Stopper Assembly


Brass arm attaches to screw of comb. As shown, when tilted toward governor, weighted stopper slides into stopping position preventing governor movement thereby stopping music. Package includes two washers.

Warning: be sure that second screw that you are not using is tight!! You don't want the comb to move. 

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Useful only for 18, 22, 30 and 36 note mechanisms.
This small brass device attaches to one of the comb screws. IMPORANT: When attaching be certain the comb screw to which you are not attaching is tight. If the comb moves you will have to re-position it to play the tune properly.

We are providing two washers. One to be installed between the comb and the arm of the device so as not to touch the teeth of the comb and the other should the need arise (as on certain mechanisms) to raise it a bit higher allowing clearance of any obstacle on the movement. Extra washers can be ordered.