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Small Vintage King's Musical Box by Reuge (3.36)


Patterns of masterful Marquetry of small flowers within ornate inlaid frames grace the lid of this elegant Reuge musical cabinet and all four sides.  A previous  larger version was called "The King's Music Box."  These were definitely designed with Royalty in mind. 

Circa 1960s  and measuring 7.5" L x 4.5" W x 3" H, it offers a view of the mechanism through a clear window that is activated when it's frontal button is moved to the right.  If you wish continuous music one leaves the button in the on position (It will eventually wind down and stop).   If you want it to stop at the end of the melodies, the button should be returned to its original off postition. It's nice to keep it wound and ready to play.

This is a Vintage Reuge mechanism that plays 3 beloved classical melodies (36 notes) Waltz by Brahms and the Serenade (Romance) and Minuet (Serenade in Es Dur) by Mozart.   This will be a very special gift for your loved one and certainly a family heirloom.  



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