Happy St Patrick's Day to our Treasured Friends and Their Families!
Reed and Barton  Ballerina in Snow Globe with silver base

Ballerina in Snow Globe by Reed and Barton


NEW from Reed and Barton and we think it's going to be a best seller!
A young ballerina rotates in front of the ballet bar.  It's silver base is adorned with other little ballerinas dressed (enameled) in pink and white while caught in the air in various dance positions. 

This exquisite musical snow globe plays "Swan Lake,"  will be treasured and cherished for a life time and will be most likely to be handed down to the next generation. It stands approximately 5 1/2" tall with a footprint of 4" in diameter and the snow glitters just enough to transport its viewer into the fantastic and graceful world of the ballet . 

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