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Charles Reuge Pocket Watch (with top side switch)

Reuge Arnex Pocket Watch (with top side switch)

Currently Out of stock, please call us for availability at (888)-884-2533. Previously owned, a Reuge Arnex Hunter Pocket Watch with music and automation. Its top side button makes it so much easier to show what this beautiful watch can do. Depress it and the lady pumps the flowing water, the horseman raises and lowers his hand in which he holds the bird and the horse bends his head to drink. All this as the music plays. Mechanical watch movement, gold-plated 10 microns over brass, shock absorbent, 18 jewels. front side automation. The famous Fountain scene with light blue background, polychrome varnished dial, 17 notes, Diameter 55 mm (2 3/16") 11/16" thick. Plays "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from Carousel.
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