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Porter Disc Player Music Box - The Swan Elite

$9,500.00 Reg. Price $11,500.00  


The cabinet of the Swan Elite is bombay in shape and has beautiful marquetry on all four sides. The front has two swans in love swimming in a country pond in front of a small cottage. On the lid and both sides are a cluster of musical instruments suspended on a graceful ribbon. This musical instrument plays a 12 1/4" disc and has a single comb. The comb has 54 teeth and it provides the music box with a very sweet voice. The unit is powered by a spring wound motor and will play for up to 15 minutes. It measures: 18 1/8" wide x 17 5/8" deep x 9 3/4" high Porter Swan Elite shipping weight: approx. 50 lbs. Swan Elite II manufcturers suggested list price: US $12,500.00 bpSwanII

Swan Elite Disc Cabinet The Swan Elite Storage Cabinet is the perfect match, and will add the finishing touch to your Swan Elite Music Box. The legs have an elegant curve and the inlay has another scene with swans on the front and musical motif on each side. It also has a drawer to store your extra discs and crank handle. Near the bottom of the legs is a small shelf that is inlaid with flowers and musical instruments. Its measurements are: 21 " wide x 21 " deep x 32" high. Porter Swan Elite Disc Cabinet shipping weight: approx. 100 lbs. Additional Price (negotiable): US $6200.00 bpSwanII-stand

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