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The Baroque 15.5" Disc Player Music Box by Porter - Previously Owned


Sorry, This particular item has been sold but please call us if you are interested. These come in on occasion and we have a couple of contacts

Previously owned and in excellent condition, the inlaid design on this Victorian Baroque is a great example of the magnificent Marquetry in the early classic style. The lid and four sides feature Instrumental inlays. These and other Classic early inlay require more time and delicate hand work than the less complicated modern style. The Baroque Player measures: 24" wide - 22" deep - 12" high. Many rare and exotic woods are used in this marquetry: Rosewood, White Holly, Burl Elm, Burl Walnut, Satinwood, Tulip Wood, Ebony and Mahogany.

We will Include: 3 Discs of your choice. An Amazing Value!

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In the finest tradition of its predecessors, the European and American Victorian music boxes of earlier generations, the Music Boxes combine the grace and elegance of a fine piece of furniture, with the marvelous depth of sound and quality of tone of an excellent musical instrument. The commitment of its creator, to producing a product of quality and superior craftsmanship ensures that these Music Boxes will become a treasured heirloom for generations to enjoy.

Years of developing and refining techniques and processes have resulted in the creation of a beautiful, intricate machine. Music box owners are assured of consistently fine quality workmanship and a growing value for the boxes they own.
The musical combs create beautiful rich bass and bell-like treble. The tuning was copied from the world renowned "Regina" music box. Each comb has 76 teeth for a total of 152 playing teeth, which play and harmonize to create the finest, richest, fullest sounding music box in the world. The motor will play uninterrupted music for approximately 20 minutes on a single winding.

3 new discs of your choice are included in this purchase. Please click here to see other available tunes that you may wish to purchase.