Music Cooks Smooth Cooking #2

Music Cooks Smooth Cooking #2

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Sharon O’Connor brings you recipes from smooth jazz musicians and their favorite restaurants with cool music for entertaining in beautifully boxed set.

Enjoy cook’s tips, martini recipes, vegetarian alternatives. Recipes and music selected by Mark De Anda, station KMGQ/Santa Barbara, CA.
Her package includes:
Fast, easy recipes
Food photo of each sensational dish
Shopping and pantry lists
RECIPE CARDS - Ginger Salmon, Vegetarian Fajitas, Tom Scott’s Easy Chopped Salad, Smooth Jazz Burgers, Grusin Green Chili, The Mambo Martini, and more...
Smooth Jazz CD
MUSIC Strawberry Moon, Grover Washington Jr. Breezin‘, George Benson New York Connection, Tom Scott Missing in Venice, Rick Braun Java Montmarte, Marc Antoine Café Carnivál, Craig Chaquico