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Your Musical Instrument as a Lamp - Acrylic Color Changing 3D Wind Instruments Your choice


Any one of these Musical Wind Instrument Lamps, Acrylic Color Changing LED with a 3D Lighting Effect will amaze and delight.

An awesome addition to your Home Décor, this lamp, will be the focal point of its corner or where ever it is placed. They measure approximately 10" x 4.5".


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Priced to sell at 29.98 each. Any one of these will make a great night light and a fabulous gift for your musician, child, student or music lover. Their modern fashion design is especially striking in the dark.

Made of Combined high quality PC material with exquisite silk printing technology, these OPTICAL ILLUSIONARY 3D LAMPS are actually 2D wire framed instruments which measure only about 5 mm thick.
The lamp is controlled by a SMART TOUCH BUTTON and is very easy to use. There are seven lighted monochrome modes: Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and White and one changing mode that continually changes through the colors mentioned above. .
It is POWERED BY A USB CABLE (included with lamp) and LED light source. You can use your own simple USB plug adapter or connect to your computer.
These 3D Lights are ideal gifts for anyone of any age. they will certainly add to the décor or your room, den, bar, club, restaurant or family room.