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Karaoke Machine - VocoPro II Gig Star

Karaoke Machine - VocoPro II Gig Star

$499.99 Reg. Price $679.99  
The VocoPro Gig Star all in one system is perfect for live gigs, portable use, and home entertainment. Please scroll down for more information.
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Featuring an efficient 4 speaker system powered by 100 watts, the Gig Star will meet all your entertainment needs.
Additional features are 1/4 inch guitar and keyboard inputs, AM/FM tuner, 7 band EQ, 2 XLR microphone inputs with effects, digital key controller and vocal cancel controls.

VocoPro Gig Star Features:All in one system design, perfect for live gigs, portable use and DVD home entertainment. AM/FM Tuner lets you sing along to your favorite popular hits. 14 step Digital Key Controller to transpose the key of built in disc player audio. Vocal Cancel and Partner modes for canceling vocals from multiplexed media. 7 Band Equalizer for precise audio adjustments and room tuning. External speaker jacks with internal/external speaker selector. Remote control for easy operation.