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Remo Kids Djembe

Remo Kids' Djembe

$97.83 Reg. Price $108.70  
You've got to play this drum! It has an incredible sound - the conical shape of the djembe concentrates the vibrations, so the deep bass timbre rumbles with every beat. Like all Remo drums, it has the patented mylar drum head, and a body made from durable recycled wood fiber. Covered with the rainforest fabric. Comes with a removable strap. Dimensions: 14" x 8." Please scroll down for more information.
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The Djembe (jem-bay) originally comes from West Africa, where it has historically been used in both religious and secular (popular) music. The unique shape of the Djembe allows it to produce three distinct tones: a very deep bass tone when played in the middle of the head, a mid tone when played off-center, and a dry, high-pitched sound when played at the edge. In addition, different parts of the hands, palms, and fingers are traditionally used to create the characteristic variety of Djembe sounds.