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Electric Humbucker Kazoo)

Kazoos - Electric Hummbucker (without amplifier) Kazoo

Kazoos - Electric Hummbucker (without amplifier) Kazoo $19.95 Dan Electro Honeytone Mini Amplifier $34.95
Just what we've been waiting for...an electric kazoo! This kazoo really rocks! Plug your new electric kazoo into any effects box, pedal, computer or straight into your amp. The sound possibilities are endless. Please scroll down for more information.
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The Hummbucker Electric Kazoo is sure to surprise with a professional grade dynamic pickup specially designed to fit Kazoobie plastic kazoos.
Comes equipped with a 15' cable and 1/4" jack. The cable also detaches at the pickup for easy replacement.You get a Kazoobie Kazoo, Hummbucker Pickup, and 15' cord.
Assembled in the US from US and Foreign components
Right now only available in white or blue.
you may select your color preference when you add to cart.
Play through any amp or purchase the Dan Electro Honeytone Mini Amp with your kazoo at a special price.