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American Slide Whistle

American Slide Whistle

$23.95 Reg. Price $27.45  

Bird calls, popular tunes, funny sound effects & more! Become a slide whistle master without reading music! The slide whistle offers more than two octaves of notes and no fussing to find a single one. Please scroll down for more information about this item.

This delightful instrument has been played everywhere from vaudeville to Hollywood and in the greatest cartoons ever made. Be a ghost, a bird or perform your own spontaneous mischief - all you need is a breath of air!

A truly musical instrument
Imitate bird songs
Made in the USA for over 60 years
Nickel-plated brass for long life
Approximate length 9"
For ages 3+

Try it! It will amaze you!
Incidentally, The American Song Whistle is the same whistle only packaged differently.

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