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Music Maker Childs Zither or Lyrical Lap Harp

Music Maker Lap Harp Zither with added Jewish Music

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Zither (15 string Music Maker Lap Harp)with added Jewish music
For children and those young at heart! Easy to play & lots of fun. Its very simple! Just choose one of the popular songs that are included, insert the music sheet under the strings, and follow along note by note.
Songs included are:
Rock a Bye Baby
Yankee Doodle
Eensie Weensie Spider
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Minuet- Johan Sebastian Bach
Brahm's Lullaby
My Country T'is of Thee
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Tabletop or laptop use. High quality wooden soundboard, Steel pins, Pick, Tuning key, Extra strings, Wide selection of music cards available.

This package contains the 12 initial songs with 12 added Jewish Songs.
Jewish Songs list:
L’Shana Tova, I Have A Little Dreidl, Maoz Tzur, Lakova Sheli, A Wicked Man, Dayenu, Shabat Shalom, Shalom Haverim, Hevenu Shalom Alechem, David Melech Yisrael, Tumbalalaika, Zum Gali

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