Happy St Patrick's Day to our Treasured Friends and Their Families!
Lady Flute Player Porcelain Figurine
Lady Flute Player Porcelain Figurine
Lady Double Bass Player Figurine
Lady Oboe Player Figurine
Lady Saxophone Player Figurine
Lady Triangle Player Figurine
Lady Violin Player Figurine

Lady Musician Porcelain Figurines - Click to see all and Select Your Choice


Sooo lovely! Back by Popular Demand! 79.95 each. These darlings of harmony are the silent creations of The Unicorn Studio. Made of fine porcelain, they range from 11 1/2" (The Violinist) to 14" (The Bassist) tall.

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Lovely and Graceful Lady Musicians are available again, playing the following instruments:

Double Bassist




Percussionist (Triangle)