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multi view of Spring Burst - Lid, Front and Interiior
multi view of Spring Burst - Lid, Front and Interiior
Close up of Elf in Spring Burst Jewelry Box

Enchantmints Spring Burst


Enchantmints' Spring Burst Jewelry Box is specially designed to be cherished for years.  It very appropriately, plays "Spring" from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons."

The front of this sweet treasure box features an endearing elfin-dressed little girl enjoying the aroma of the roses growing near her.  Little Birds fly around the  lid which features an elf with bird perched on hand.  A rainbow sent by a purple dressed elf adorns one of the sides  as a puppy-dog resting amid little flowers and trees on a patch of green (on the other side) looks up at you with inquisiting eyes. Within, one finds a safe home for all those happy memories and personal treasures. 

This jewelry  box has a hinged top, an inside mirror and lovely flocked lining.  It boasts an adorable twirling fairy elf. 

Measures: 6"L x 4"W x 6"H.

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