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Moon Tripper clown on bike pedaling air balloon musical automaton

Koji Murai Moon Tripper Musical Automaton

Sorry this has been sold.

Currently not available.

Dressed in a white and turquoise blue satin clown costume with big pink buttons, our sweet clown pedals his amazing flying bicycle-like contraption underneath a 7.5" balloon to, perhaps, the moon and back to the tune of "Fly Me to the Moon." or "Moon River."

He actually travels a circular path around the square base by means of one AA battery (accessed from underneath the base). His feet pedal, his body moves forward and back and the aft propeller rotates. The music does not run on battery it is wound by a key on the backside of the base. There is an off/on switch on the top side that controls both our little clown and the music (as long as the music is wound up). This is a very special collectible for a very serious collection and really not recommended for children. It stands close to 19" high. It absolutely promises to delight.

Click HERE to see this music box in action!


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Not Currently Available. We've left the Moon Tripper on site for reference only. This is charming ... an animation in the true sense of the word! While studying in Europe, Koji Murai was so totally enchanted by the charming world of clowns that he created his own Clown World. His beautiful art and creativity has gained him international fame. Many of his creations have been our best sellers. This is a vintage creation of his....and very exciting to behold.