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Musical Play Time with Melissa and Doug

Every little musician needs a starting point. Musical toys from Melissa and Doug give children the chance to learn the joys of music and instruments at a very young age. In the earliest of pre-school years, before they can reach the family piano or their older sibling’s drum set, these toys introduce little children to the different instruments and aid in their discovery of music. When used as a musical launching pad, musical toys can ignite children's imagination, allow them to them discover themselves through music even when they're only toddlers.

What Is the Melissa and Doug Brand?

The Melissa and Doug brand stands for toys that help today’s children return to active play. The couple has been together for over 30 years, and they have a passion for creating toys for a variety of different ages and types of play. With toys for active play, arts and crafts, puppets, stuffed animals, activity pads and more, Melissa and Doug have something for every child.

We're proud to carry most of Melissa and Doug musical toys that help children discover the joy in music for possibly the first time. The company's mission to help take back childhood and give children a path to recognize their potential is similar to our goal to help children discover themselves through music. A child may touch the keys of a piano for the first time or hear a nursery rhyme while putting together a puzzle and never forget that encounter with music.

Toy Musical Instruments for Children

We carry many different toy musical instruments from Melissa and Doug, and we have an instrument that speaks to every child, from a wooden kazoo to a child sized grand piano. Pre-schools and daycare centers can benefit from our Melissa and Doug musical toys for sale.

TheMusicHouse.com carries educational puzzles that play nursery rhymes or make the sound of a particular instrument once the child puts the puzzle piece in the right slot. Melissa and Doug's three different "band in a box" sets include different combinations of the type of rhythm instruments used in classes where the children play these different instruments together. Fun for an early age group play date too. Can be supervised by Moms or Dads, if they are so inclined.

Give the Gift of Music

The gift of music is one that lasts a lifetime. A musical toy from Melissa and Doug serves as the perfect gift for:

  • A toddler who wants to play an instrument, perhaps like his or her older sibling
  • A baby who is just learning various sounds
  • New parents who want their child to appreciate music as they do
  • Any birthday, holiday or baby shower

Purchase Melissa and Doug Musical Toys

Give a child a gift that will ignite a passion and help them learn more about themselves. A Melissa and Doug musical toy from TheMusicHouse.com helps children learn just how fun musical play can be. Browse our inventory of musical toys today.