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Music Box from Little Grey Rabbit Series

Animated Little Grey Rabbit


This sweet musical shadow box features an image of The Little Grey Rabbit. Wind up and enjoy! There is an off/on turnable brass peg on the back of the box. The Little Grey Rabbit will dance to the tune of "Talk to the Animals" or "Memory"as she hangs her apron out to dry. This musical measures 3.88 x 2.75" x 5" and is sure to warm your hearts.   
The Little Grey Rabbit is the lead character in a classic, eponymous series of English children's books, written by Alison Uttley and illustrated by Margaret Tempest, except for the last five, then illustrated by Katherine Wigglesworth. They appeared over a forty-year period up to the mid-1970s to great acclaim, and gave rise to a TV film series in 2000. a list of characters can be seen below.

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Just a bit of information:
Related Television stories from The Little Grey Rabbit
include these characters:

Little Grey Rabbit – a modest, gentle, motherly soul, who lives with two friends,
Hare and Squirrel Hare – a boastful fellow up for a little adventure, who cares about his friends
Squirrel – a self-centred creature, who cares about her looks, but is affectionate
Milkman Hedgehog – who milks the cows and distributes the milk to the animals
Mrs. Hedgehog –Milkman's wife
Fuzzypeg –Milkman and Mrs. Hedgehog's excitable son
Bill and Tim Hedgehog – Fuzzypeg's cousins
Brush – a wandering hedgehog
Robin – the postman Water Rat
Mrs Webster, a water vole Rat – a friend of the hens at the hen house
Brock the Badger Fox – a troublesome sort, who plots to make a meal out one of the animals
Speckledy Hen – who gives out eggs that she lays to her friends
Moldy Warp – a mole Wise Owl and a source of information, but often grumpy if disturbed in the daytime