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Vintage Thorens Interchangeable  (20.50)

Vintage Thorens Interchangeable (20.50)


Made by the famous Thorens Music Box Company, this handsome five cylinder interchangeable vintage music box is in mint condition with all paper work. Highly collectible! Inlaid with an Early American design, it measures 18" x 8 1/2" by 6" high. Its inner glass cover is surrounded by a lovely frame with an inlaid geometric pattern.
Each cylinder plays four melodies.
Please scroll down to view a list of melodies!

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#1 Plays, Il Trovatore, Rigoletto, Martha Die Letzte Rose, Der Graf von Luxemburg
#2 Plays, Blue Danube Waltz, Faust Waltz, Santa Lucia,Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald.
#3 Plays,Wilhelm Tell, Donauwellen Waltz, Schubert Serenade, Mozart's Drawing Room.
#4 Plays,Faust March, Aus Hoffman's Erzahlungen, Brahms Wiegenlled, La Traviata.
#5 Plays, Estudiantina Waltz, Die Fledermaus Polka,Junstlerleben Waltz, Wenn der Weisse Fleider Bluht.