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Musical Instrument Italian Colorful Inlay - Violin on Elm Box with Filetto Border(1.18)


Fine Marquetry featuring a violin in a grouping of other musical instruments and music, graces the lid of this elm box. Pictured here in natural elm with filetto border, This lovely music box Playing the melody you have selected is available in several colored finishes.

The available colors include  Blue (out of stock), Green, Purple and Wine and the cabinets measure 4.75" x 4.25" as they stand 2 1/2" tall on little brass feet.

The small compartment of each box has a ring bar that will hold two rings and a beige suede-like lining with an optional matching cover to view or hide the musical mechanism.  Perfect for presenting an engagement ring to  your intended and then using it for your double ring wedding ceremony. 


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