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Tulips Inlay on Light Blue Musical Box

Tulips Inlay on Light Blue Musical Box (1.18)

Three Tulip flowers framed by an filetto border, adorn the lid of this beautiful light blue Italian inlaid burled elm box. It can play "Waltz of The Flowers" or you may select a different tune. The movement is visible under a window and activated when you lift the lid. The interior is lined in a lovely beige suede-like fabric. It features a ring bar compartment and is certain to delight. It sits on handsome brass feet and measures: 4 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 2 1/2."
Please note: The colors of the flowers may be in different order. (Please see the Pink Tulip box) We haven't been able to control our shipments from the manufacturer.

bsp41TULIPSb $156.00
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The Italian word "filetto" translated means "thread" and therefore the pattern that has used or has been framed with a Filetto border has (in English), a "thread-like" border. Skilled marquetry is required for this extra delicate inlay.