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Reuge Collection Byzance Singing Bird Box - Transparent

Reuge Collection Byzance Singing Bird Box - Transparent

Sold, discontinued by Reuge and no longer available.

"This is truly a treasure. When not singing, this little hand-feathered bird lies under a small oval gold plated lid in a beautiful transparent crystal and gilt box. When it sings its charming little song its beak and wings move. The box is made of lead crystal with gold-plated brass columns and brass base. The singing bird movement has been specially finished to watch-making standards, with hand engraved parts. This piece is fascinating to watch, since it demonstrates how the movement works. To activate the bird box, just wind the movement, using the key under the base. Then press the button on the side. Dimensions 4 5/8 inch x 2 7/8 inch x 1 5/8 inch." Please call in to order (1 888 884 2533)

brT26960 / AXT926960000
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