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Porter Disc Player Music Box -  The  Twin

Porter Disc Player Music Box - The Twin


The Twin Disc has true stereophonic sound. The four musical combs play a total of 304 teeth on two synchronized disc units. Two discs are required and are specially made to ensure synchronization. Full rich volume and brilliance of music is unsurpassed by any music box ever created. The clockworks is a unique design, which use synchronization of each musical bedplate. If you want the absolute best available, then this is unquestionably it. All our stereo cassette tapes and CD's were recorded from the Twin Disc Model. The same rare exotic woods are used in the Twin Disc as are in our other models.
Measurements are as follows: 30" high, 22" deep and 42" high Porter Twin Disc shipping weight: approx. 465 lbs. US

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