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Aurelia by Carousels of Distinction

Aurelia by Carousels of Distinction


The  "Aurelia" by Musical Carousels of Distinction is one of the largest in the Carousels of Distinction collection in traditional style. This dreamy English Import has six individual horses that move up & down on their brass rods as the canopy revolves to music "Silver and Gold Waltz." The all-mechanical action is spring wound by turning the entire top of the carousel.

Meticulously hand painted in traditional carousel colors and decorated with highly detailed scroll carvings, flower reliefs and jewels. Fitted with switchable LED lighting which flashes to the music through a special sound pick-up module (batteries for lights included).

A perfect keepsake heirloom for the carousel connoisseur.
Measures approximately 27 x 20cm (10 1/2" x 8").

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