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Leaded glass music box with 36 note melody

Beveled Glass Lid with Ribbed or Beveled Glass Sides with Swiss 36 Note Movement (1.36)


Made to our specifications, this glass music box, MADE IN OUR OWN U.S.A., features a 36 note Swiss movement which you may select from our collection of Reuge / Romance, Jobin or Thorens. 

The image shown has a beveled glass lid, with ribbed glass sides . It also is available with beveled glass slides.  Please select your preferred style. (It measures 4 1/2" x 3 1/2"  and stands 2" high.)

Its tone is superb. It's a very reasonable way to house and enjoy an expensive Swiss movement.

Some mechanisms are vintage. Most are new old stock, those that may be starting a second life are in excellent condition (having been serviced by us).


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