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Amp - Dean Markley 60 Watt

Amp - Dean Markley 60 Watt

Sorry, but this item is out of stock and has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The KAC-60 is a full function 60 watt acoustic/vocal amp with fully controllable chorus and reverb. Scroll down to view more information about this amplifier.
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Two channels featured and both offer a choice of balanced phantom powered XLR style or unbalanced 1/4"" phone plug inputs. This allows any combination of acoustic, acoustic/electric, electric, or electric instruments. Supplied with individual gain, bass, treble, chorus and reverb controls the player (and duet) can individually shape their sound. Additionally a bypassable six-band Graphic EQ rounds out the sound. The rear control panel sports footswich jacks for chorus and reverb, as well as an effects send and return, preamp out L & R and a mono line out. The sound is projected by a full range 10"" speaker and a 3"" high frequency driver for a crisp clarity while a 1/4"" phone jack is included.