Mollard Batons P Series - White Carbon Fiber Shaft

Mollard Batons P Series - White Carbon Fiber Shaft


Available in 12" (305mm), 14" (355mm), or 16" (405mm). The famous Mollard baton is exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable. The handles are made of white carbon fiber. 

Carbon Fiber is a polymer and is sometimes known as graphite fiber. It is a very strong material that is also very lightweight. Carbon fiber is five-times stronger than steel and twice as rigid.

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The shafts are of white carbon fiber but are available with wood shaft.
The Curly Maple is a blond wood with a translucent sheen.
The Purpleheart is cranberry to plum in color
The Rosewood is fine grained with a rosy brown or auburn hue. Protected Species N/A  
The Tulipwood has butterscotch shades with crimson hightlights
The Walnut has a chocolate brown tint
The Zebrawood actually is golden tan with brown natural stripes
The Cocobolo has a dense beautiful rustic brown and black grain
The White Oak has a beautiful golden tone with wide grain









NEW; Mollard Baton shafts can now be engraved with your name, or the name of your gift recipient on the wooden shaft of the baton of your choice. The cost is $22.50 per baton for a name (example: John Doe or John David Doe). When you add to cart you may enter your exact engraving in the text box provided. Should you desire a longer phrase, we will contact you if there is an additional charge. SORRY WE CANNOT EXPEDITE ENGRAVING ON SHAFTS. ENGRAVED BATONS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Please allow an extra 7 business days to accomplish this.