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Farley Pocket Tone Tuner on Keychain

Pocket Tones Pitch Pipe by Farley's

$6.50 Reg. Price $12.95  

Discontinued product but we have one instrumental Pocket Tone left for Cello or Tenor Banjo. No Chromatics left. Marked down 50% for clearance.

The "Perfect" Pitch Pipe™ on a key chain! The Pocket Tones are a handy, durable and compact device which may be carried in your pocket or purse. They will fit conveniently in an instrument case for accurate tones whenever you need them. Use Pocket Tones to develop excellent pitch recognition - it is the perfect answer for an immediate tone, and it is always at hand. Please scroll down for more information about this product!

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This item has been discontinued, We've marked them 50% off. They are sealed and have been packed away. They take an AG13. We did not want to disturb the packaging so there is no way to test the battery and guarantee performance but the discount should cover the cost of a new battery if necessary.

They are available for:
Cello/Tenor Banjo

Electronic notes to tune your instrument
Train your ear for the perfect pitch
Convenient key chain design
Durable, accurate, and easy to Use
Batteries included (AG13)
Not for young children
Directions for use:
1. Press "ON" once to turn on.
2. Press "NOTE" to cycle through each desired reference note.
3. Press "ON" again to turn off.
You will be able to select your desired tuner when you add to cart.