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Italian Intermezzo Menus and Music by Sharon OConnor

Italian Intermezzo Menus and Music by Sharon O'Connor


Italian Intermezzo Recipes by Celebrated Italian Chefs

Italian Intermezzo is a celebration of the senses that includes recipes from 21 talented chefs and a CD of romantic Italian songs. Masterpiece paintings, poetry, and luscious food photography complete the experience. On the accompanying music CD, the Pizzarelli-Peplowski sextet recreates the sound of Italy everyone knows. Italian Intermezzo will inspire many evenings of music, food, joy, and romance in your home. Buon appetito!

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The Cookbook: Don Alfonso, Sant' Agata Hotel Cipriani, Venice Villa San Michele, Florence San Domenico, New York Spiaggia, Chicago Valentino, Los Angeles Recipes from 21 contributers, 248 pages

The Music: Ah! Marie Arrivederci Roma Core 'n Grato Mattinata Non Dimenticar Santa Lucia Includes 12 selections, 50 minutes