Italian Marquetry on Treasure Chest 5 inch Disc Player
Italian Marquetry on Treasure Chest 5 inch Disc Player
Italian marquetry of a mandolin, recorder, pipes of pan and music adorn the lid of this treasure chest disc player
Interior view of treasure chest music box 5 inch disc player
treaure chest interior view with disc in place

Italian Inlaid Treasure Chest New 5" Disc Player

Please enter 3 disks and 3 alternates from the list into text box below.

This is a magnificent Italian Treasure Chest  with measurements of 13.25" x 8.25" x 8.5" impeccably handcrafted in Italy from burl elm, rosewood and other precious woods in an elegant matte finish. It is battery powered with beautiful marquetry adorning the lid and all four sides of the cabinet. It plays American made 5 inch disks and there are 9 slots to store your favorites.

To begin your collection, 3 disks are included. Select 3 tunes from our 5" Disc Tune List. You will love it.

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A little history:
Reuge produced a similar cabinet that housed an AD30 player but they are no longer producing these beautiful cabinets or the AD30 players. 
We watch for and try to keep these in stock for our customers who are purchasing custom discs of either their own compositions or music that has not been made into a ready made music box. 

Currently we only have this one. It found it's way to us and is in mint condition.  It originally sold for 1500.00.