Melissa and Doug's Drum Click Clack Bank-in-a-Box

Melissa & Doug Band in a box Drum Click Clack

$21.60 Reg. Price $24.00  

Drum! Cloick! Clack! Ages 3+ will be delighted by this six piece percussion set. It includes a spin drum (hand held monkey drum), a Kokirko ( clacker) , an agogo with mallet (a hand held double tone block set with beater) and a Guiro with Mallet. All this comes in its wooden crate that measures 14.59" x10.50" x 3.50". Greeat for storage. Be sure to see the other Melissa and Doug sets, Chime! Whistle! Jingle! and Hum! Jangle! Shake! They're all available in our Kid's Korner.

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