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Disc 4.5 inch - Music Box Discs - (Swiss) Reuge, Romance, Thorens


Quality AD30 4 1/2 (4.5)inch disk (disk) tunes by Reuge or Romance

Please scroll down for a list of available tunes, but be aware some of the following Discs may or may not be available. Click on [Add to Cart] to select a tune. Please give it a try. Our stock changes quite often. We'll contact you ASAP if we cannot supply the tune.

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Available tunes:
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18th Variation on a Theme of Paganini (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1645
9th Symphony (Ode to Joy) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1646
Adest Fideles - 0 Come All Ye Faithful (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1429
Aida March (Disk 4.5) brAD30-417
All I Ask of You (The Phantom of the Opera) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1663
All Through the Night (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1527
Anniversary Song (Danube Waves) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-54
Anniversary Waltz (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1515
Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore (Disk 4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-490
Ave Maria - Gounod(Disk 4.5) brAD30-1500
Ave Maria - Schubert (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1433
Away in a Manger (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1533
Beautiful Dreamer (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1520
Because (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1553
Blue Christmas (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1655 [DISCONTINUED N/A]
Carmen - Il Toreador (Disk 4.5) brAD30-446
Cavalleria Rustican (Disk 4.5) brAD30-415
Cowboy's Lament (4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-1631
Dance of the Happy Spirits (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1648
Edelweiss (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1568
Faust Chorus (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1522
Faust Waltz (Disk 4.5) brAD30-403
Fiddler on the Roof (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1582
Habanera (Carmen) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-402
Happy Birthday (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1403
Hatikvah (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1544
He Shall Feed His Flock (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1647
I Love You Truly Disk 4.5" #1444
Il Trovatore (Anvil Chorus) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-490-b
In Good Old Summer Time (Disk 4.5) brAD30-189
Invitation to the Waltz (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1438
Isle of Capri (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1589
Jingle Bells (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1430
Joy to the World (Disk 4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-1535
La Ci Darem La Mano (Don Giovani) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1650
La Paloma (Disk 4.5) brAD30-456
La Traviata Lorelei (Disk 4.5) brAD30-443
Lara's Theme (Dr. Zhivago) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1569
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1546
Lorelei (Disk 4.5) brAD30-302
Lovely to Look At (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1481
Lullaby Brahms(Disk 4.5) brAD30-1405
Marcheta (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1037
Memory (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1659
Moon River (Disk 4.5) braD30-1566
More (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1567
Music Box Dancer (Disk 4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-1590
My Favorite Things (Disk 4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-1641
My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) brAD30-1668
Nadia Theme (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1594
O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-60
O Donna Clara Tango (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1356
O du Frohliche (Disk 4.5) brAD30-58
Ode to Joy (9th Symphony) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1646-b
On My Own (Les Miserables) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1662
Partridge in a Pear Tree (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1537
People (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1584
People Will Say We're in Love (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1581
Pomp and Circumstance (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1552
Ramona (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1367
Return to Sorrento (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1588
Rigoletto - La Donna e Mobile (Disk 4.5)brAD30-458 (1 left)
Rock A Bye Baby (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1420
Roses from the South (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1179
Santa Lucia (Disk 4.5) brAD30-441
Serenade (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1547
Silent Night (Disk 4.5) brAD30-34
Skaters Waltz- (Disk 4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-442
Snowbird (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1610
Spring Song (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1548
Stardust (Disk 4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-1517
Swan Lake (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1666
Tales from the Vienna Woods (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1423
Tales of Hoffman (Disk 4.5) brAD30-277
The Bells of St. Mary (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1488
The Blue Bells of Scotland (Disk 4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-280
The Blue Danube (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1446
The First Noel (Disk 4.5)[DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-1408
The Girl That I Married (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1482
The Impossible Dream (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1660
The Magic Flute (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1509
The Merry Widow Waltz (Disk 4.5) brAD30-752
Music of The Night (Disk 4.5) brAD301669
My Old Kentucky Home (Disk 4.5) brAD30-216
The Sound of Music (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1573
The Sound of Silence (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1612 [Discounted N/A]
The Waltz of the Flowers (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1667
Tomorrow (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1600
Try to Remember (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1571
Two Hearts in Waltz Time (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1360
Waltz Dream (Disk 4.5) brAD30-747
Washington Post March (Disk 4.5) brAD30-107 [DISCONTINUED N/A]
Wedding March- Mendelssohn (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1551
Wedding March- Wagner (Here Comes the Bride) (Disk 4.5) brAD30-53
Whispering (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1656
White Christmas (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1469
William Tell - Tyrolean Air (Disk 4.5) brAD30-489
William Tell Prayer (Disk 4.5) brAD30-488
Winter Wonderland (Disk 4.5) brAD30-1557
You are the Sunshine of my Life (Disk 4.5) [DISCONTINUED N/A] brAD30-1611 brAD30-1408