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Disc 15 1/2 (15.5) inch - Music Box Discs by Porter

Disc 15 1/2 (15.5) inch - Music Box Discs by Porter


A Quality product from Porter Music Box Company.
Fifteen and a half inch (15 1/2")diameter size copper-plated discs.
Playable on the Porter Baroque and the Porter Twin.
Also playable on the older disc music boxes Regina and Polyphon. Made from high quality copper-plated steel with a lacquered finish.
You may select your desired tune when you add to cart.
If you require a Start-Stop Slot please add it to your cart
Also indicate a second Tune choice if possible. ORDER EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS TUNES.

Please scroll down for a list of available tunes.


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The following tunes are available.

L'Arlesienne Suite - Bizet (Disk 15) bp15-8844
A Heart Full Of Love (Disk 15) bp15-8654
A Little Bit Of Heaven - Ball (Disk 15) bp15-8001
A Little Fall Of Rain (Disk 15) bp15-8657
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Disk 15) bp15-8856
A Spoonful Of Sugar (Disk 15) bp15-8002
A Time For Us (Disk 15) bp15-8003
A Whole New World (Disk 15) bp15-8782
Abide With Me - Monk (Disk 15) bp15-8004
Addressing Of Cats- The (Disk 15) bp15-8679
Adeste Fideles (Disk 15) bp15-8006
After The Ball - Harris (Disk 15) bp15-8007
Aida Duet - Purti Riveggo Again I See (Disk 15) bp15-8008
Air From Huguenots - Meyerbeer (Disk 15) bp15-8009
Air From Norma - Bellini (Disk 15) bp15-8010
Air From Preciosa - Weber (Disk 15) bp15-8011
Alexander Song - Van Tilzer (Disk 15) bp15-8012
Alexanders Ragtime Band (Disk 15) bp15-8013
All I Ask Of You (Disk 15) bp15-8015
All I Have To Do Is Dream (Disk 15) bp15-8714
All I Want For Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8016
All My Loving (Disk 15) bp15-8664
All Shook Up (Disk 15) bp15-8017
All This Time (Disk 15) bp15-8700
Aloha Of Aloha Oe- Boger (Disk 15) bp15-8018
Always On My Mind (Disk 15) bp15-8019
Am I Losing You (Disk 15) bp15-8751
Amaryllis Vallse Segar - Lente (Disk 15) bp15-8020
Amazing Grace (Disk 15) bp15-8859
Ambolena Snow Military Ballad - Maywood (Disk 15) bp15-8021
American Cavalry March (Disk 15) bp15-8022
An Old Time Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8726
And I Love Her (Disk 15) bp15-8666
Angel Of Music (Disk 15) bp15-8024
Angel Of The Morning (Disk 15) bp15-8713
Angels Serenade (Disk 15) bp15-8025
Angels We Have Heard On High (Disk 15) bp15-8026
Annie Laurie (Disk 15) bp15-8027
Anniversary Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8028
Anoma- Intermezzo (Disk 15) bp15-8029
Antevka (Disk 15) bp15-8686
Anvil Chorus (Disk 15) bp15-8030
Arab Dance - Nutcracker Suite (Disk 15) bp15-8031
Are You Lonesome Tonight (Disk 15) bp15-8032
Arthurs Theme (Disk 15) bp15-8033
Artist Life Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8034
As Time Goes By (Disk 15) bp15-8035
Asleep In The Deep (Disk 15) bp15-8036
At A Dark Town Cake Walk (Disk 15) bp15-8038
At A Georgia Camp Meeting (Disk 15) bp15-8039
At Supper Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8037
At The End Of The Dav (Disk 15) bp15-8642
Auld Lang Syne (Disk 15) bp15-8040
Ave Maria (Disk 15) bp15-8041
Away In A Manger (Disk 15) bp15-8042
Baby Its Cold Outside (Disk 15) bp15-8816
Band Played On- The - Wark (Disk 15) bp15-8044
Barcarole- William Tell - Rossini (Disk 15) bp15-8045
Barcarolle- The (Disk 15) bp15-8046
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem (Disk 15) bp15-8814
Beauty And The Beast (Disk 15) bp15-8791
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Disk 15) bp15-8050
Belle Of New York- When We Were Married - Kerker (Disk 15) bp15-8052
Belle Of The Season March (Disk 15) bp15-8051
Bells Of Comeville- The (Disk 15) bp15-8054
Bells Of St. Marys- The (Disk 15) bp15-8722
Bellville Waltz - Millecker (Disk 15) bp15-8053
Ben Bolt (Disk 15) bp15-8055
Ben Hur Chariot Race March (Disk 15) bp15-8056
Bicycle Built For Two (Disk 15) bp15-8786
Bill Bailey Wont You Please Come Home (Disk 15) bp15-8057
Blest Be The Tie (Disk 15) bp15-8058
Blue and Grey Song (Disk 15) bp15-8064
Blue Bells March Song (Disk 15) bp15-8060
Blue Bells Of Scotland (Disk 15) bp15-8059
Blue Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8061
Blue Danube (Disk 15) bp15-8062
Blue Jacket March (Disk 15) bp15-8063
Blue Velvet (Disk 15) bp15-8787
Boccaccio March - Suppe (Disk 15) bp15-8065
Boccaccio Serenade - Suppe (Disk 15) bp15-8066
Bohemian Girl- The - Then You'll Remember (Disk 15) bp15-8067
Bom Free (Disk 15) bp15-8069
Bonnie Dundee (Disk 15) bp15-8068
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Disk 15) bp15-8822
Brahms Cradle Song (Disk 15) bp15-8070
Brahms Lullaby (Disk 15) bp15-8071
Bridal Bells March (Disk 15) bp15-8072
Bride Elect March- The (Disk 15) bp15-8073
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Disk 15) bp15-8074
Bring Him Home (Disk 15) bp15-8646
Bringing In The Sheaves (Disk 15) bp15-8858
British Patrol - Marsah (Disk 15) bp15-8075
Bulgarian Quadrille- Part 2 (Disk 15) bp15-8076
Burning Bridges (BMI/ASCAP) (Disk 15) bp15-8745
Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town (Disk 15) bp15-8684
Button Up Your Overcoat (Disk 15) bp15-8827
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Disk 15) bp15-8077
Bye Bye Blackbird (Disk 15) bp15-8824
Bye Bye My Pretty Jane (Disk 15) bp15-8078
Cadets Two Step March - Schlieffarth (Disk 15) bp15-8079
Campbells Are Coming- The (Disk 15) bp15-8080
Canon in D – Pachelbel (popular part) Part 1 (Disk 15) bp15-8843
Canon in D – Pachelbel Part 2 (more sections of Canon in D) (Disk 15) bp15-8851
Canon in D – Pachelbel Part 3 (more sections of Canon in D) (Disk 15) bp15-8852
Canon March - Braham (Disk 15) bp15-8081
Capital March (Disk 15) bp15-8082
Car-Barlick Acid Ragtime - Two Step - Wilby (Disk 15) bp15-8083
Carmen (Disk 15) bp15-8084
Carmencita Polka (Disk 15) bp15-8085
Carnival Of Venice (Disk 15) bp15-8086
Carol For Another Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8644
Carol Of The Bells (Disk 15) bp15-8802
Carousel Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8087
Cavalleria Rusticana (Disk 15) bp15-8088
Chapel In The Mountains (Disk 15) bp15-8089
Chariots Of Fire (Disk 15) bp15-8090
Charleston March- The (Disk 15) bp15-8091
Charm Of Love (Disk 15) bp15-8092
Chattanooga Choo Choo (Disk 15) bp15-8832
Chim Chim Cher-ce (Disk 15) bp15-8093
Chimes In The Valley (Disk 15) bp15-8094
Chimes Of Normandy (Disk 15) bp15-8095
Chinese Dance (Disk 15) bp15-8096
Christians Awake (Disk 15) bp15-8098
Christmas At Our House (Disk 15) bp15-8812
Christmas Don't Be Late (Disk 15) bp15-8732
Christmas In Dixie (Disk 15) bp15-8727
Christmas In Killarney (Disk 15) bp15-8815
Christmas Is Coming (Disk 15) bp15-8099
Christmas Is Just A Song For Us (Disk 15) bp15-8729
Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of The Year (Disk 15) bp15-8101
Christmas Song- The (Chestnuts Roasting) (Disk 15) bp15-8102
Christmas Time Is Here (Disk 15) bp15-8721
Christmas Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8798
Christmas Wishes (Disk 15) bp15-8805
Ciribirbin Song - Pestalozza (Disk 15) bp15-8103
Clair de Lune (Disk 15) bp15-8842
Climb Every Mountain (Sound Of Music) (Disk 15) bp15-8104
Climbing Over Rocky Mountain (Disk 15) bp15-8105
Cloister Bells (Disk 15) bp15-8106
Close To You (Disk 15) bp15-8776
Come Hither Ye Children (Disk 15) bp15-8108
Come Thou Almighty King (Disk 15) bp15-8109
Coming Through The Rye (Disk 15) bp15-8110
Consolation - Mendelssohn (Disk 15) bp15-8111
Convent Bells Were Ringing- The (Disk 15) bp15-8112
Coochi Coochi - Clark (Disk 15) bp15-8113
Coronation March From The Prophet Meyerbeer (Disk 15) bp15-8115
Cossacks Ride Gallop - Milloecket (Disk 15) bp15-8116
Country Wedding (Disk 15) bp15-8118
Creole Bells March - Lampe (Disk 15) bp15-8119
Crying In The Chapel (Disk 15) bp15-8120
Daisy Bell Song (Disk 15) bp15-8121
Dance Of The Brownies (Disk 15) bp15-8124
Dance Of The Demon (Disk 15) bp15-8125
Dance Of The Reed Flutes (Disk 15) bp15-8126
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy (Disk 15) bp15-8127
Dear Louise Ballad (Disk 15) bp15-8128
Deck The Halls (Disk 15) bp15-8129
Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Disk 15) bp15-8818
Der Letzte Rock German Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8130
Der Obersteiger (Don't Be Cross) (Disk 15) bp15-8131
Devils March - Suppe (Disk 15) bp15-8132
Didnt We Almost Have It All (Disk 15) bp15-8706
Ding Dong Merrily On High (Disk 15) bp15-8133
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead (Wizard Of Oz) (Disk 15) bp15-8134
Directorate March- The - Sousa (Disk 15) bp15-8135
Dixie Land (Disk 15) bp15-8136
Do You Hear The People Sing (Disk 15) bp15-8639
Do You Hear What I Hear (Disk 15) bp15-8138
Don Juan - Mozart (Disk 15) bp15-8139
Don't Be Cruel (Disk 15) bp15-8140
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Evita) (Disk 15) bp15-8141
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Disk 15) bp15-8789
Don't Know Much (Disk 15) bp15-8703
Do-Re-Mi (Sound of Music) (Disk 15) bp15-8137
Drink With Me (Disk 15) bp15-8655
Duet From Lucia - Donizetti (Disk 15) bp15-8144
Ebony & Ivory (Disk 15) bp15-8667
Edelweiss (Sound of Music) (Disk 15) bp15-8146
Edelweiss Waltz - Vanderbeck (Disk 15) bp15-8145
Ein Walzertraum- Piccolo- Piccolo Tsin Tsin Tsin - Strauss (Disk 15) bp15-8147
El Capitan March (Disk 15) bp15-8148
El Capitan Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8149
Elite Polka- The (Disk 15) bp15-8150
Ellerslie Two Step (Disk 15) bp15-8151
Elvira Madigan Concerto (Disk 15) bp15-8845
Emperor Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8847
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Disk 15) bp15-8649
Endless Love Theme (Disk 15) bp15-8772
Espana Waltz - Waldtenfel (Disk 15) bp15-8152
Evergreen Part 1 (Disk 15) bp15-8153
Evergreen Part 2 (Disk 15) bp15-8154
Everything Is Beautiful (Disk 15) bp15-8155
Everytime I Hear Blue Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8730
Everytime You Go Away (Disk 15) bp15-8719
Fair Alice (Disk 15) bp15-8156
Fair Harvard Waltz - Waters (Disk 15) bp15-8157
Faith Of Our Fathers (Disk 15) bp15-8861
Fall Softly Snow (Disk 15) bp15-8728
Far From The Home I Love (Disk 15) bp15-8687
Fascination (Disk 15) bp15-8853
Faust Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8159
Feliz Navidad (Disk 15) bp15-8161
Fiddler On The Roof (Disk 15) bp15-8162
Finale (Les Mis@rables) (Disk 15) bp15-8651
Finale (Pirates of Penzance) (Disk 15) bp15-8163
First Love Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8164
First Love Waltz- The (Disk 15) bp15-8164
First Noel- The (Disk 15) bp15-8165
Flower Song - Gounod (Disk 15) bp15-8167
Fool On The Hill- The (Disk 15) bp15-8661
For The Beauty Of The Earth (Disk 15) bp15-8860
Fredericks Song (Disk 15) bp15-8168
Freischutz - Prayer (Disk 15) bp15-8169
From Greenlands Icy Mountains - Hymn - Masen (Disk 15) bp15-8170
Frosty The Snowman (Disk 15) bp15-8171
Fur Elise (Disk 15) bp15-8837
Gentle On My Mind (Disk 15) bp15-8173
Gilmores Band Patrol March (Disk 15) bp15-8174
Girl (Disk 15) bp15-8670
Give A Little Whistle (Disk 15) bp15-8175
Glory Hallelujah (Disk 15) bp15-8176
Glow Worm Idyle (Disk 15) bp15-8177
Go Tell It On The Mountain (Disk 15) bp15-8723
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Disk 15) bp15-8178
God Save The Queen - Carey (Disk 15) bp15-8179
Gondolier Song- The - Powell (Disk 15) bp15-8180
Good King Wenceslas (Disk 15) bp15-8181
Good Luck Charm (Disk 15) bp15-8182
Goodbye Lisa Jane Song - Von Tilzer (Disk 15) bp15-8183
Goodbye My Lady Love Song - Havard (Disk 15) bp15-8184
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (Disk 15) bp15-8185
Grandpa (Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days) (Disk 15) bp15-8741
Greatest Love Of All- The (Disk 15) bp15-8779
Greatest Man I Never Knew (Disk 15) bp15-8746
Greensleeves (Disk 15) bp15-8188
Gus: The Theatre Cat (Disk 15) bp15-8681
Hallelujah From Messiah (Disk 15) bp15-8189
Handicap March- The (Disk 15) bp15-8190
Hanna Wont You Open The Door (Disk 15) bp15-8191
Happy Birthday (Disk 15) bp15-8768
Happy Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8806
Happy Days Are Here Again (Disk 15) bp15-8790
Hard Candy Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8731
Hark The Herald Angels Sing (Disk 15) bp15-8192
Harp That Once- The (Disk 15) bp15-8193
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Disk 15) bp15-8194
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8195
Heart And Soul (Disk 15) bp15-8707
Heart Bowed Down - Balfe (Disk 15) bp15-8196
Heart Of Dixie March (Disk 15) bp15-8197
Hearts and Flowers (Disk 15) bp15-8199
Heigh Ho (Disk 15) bp15-8200
Hello Central (Disk 15) bp15-8201
Hello DolIN (Disk 15) bp15-8202
Hello My Baby Song - Emerson (Disk 15) bp15-8203
Help Me Make It Through The Night (Disk 15) bp15-8204
Henrietta Have You Met Her (Disk 15) bp15-8205
Here Comes Santa Claus (Disk 15) bp15-8206
Here Comes The Sun (Disk 15) bp15-8677
Here We Come A Caroling (Disk 15) bp15-8207
Hey Wont You Play Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (Disk 15) bp15-8208
Heyjude (Disk 15) bp15-8662
Hiawatha A Summer Idyll - Moret (Disk 15) bp15-8209
High School Cadets - Sousa (Disk 15) bp15-8211
Holly And The Ivy (Disk 15) bp15-8212
Holly jolly Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8213
Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees (Disk 15) bp15-8214
Holy City (Disk 15) bp15-8215
Holy- Holy- Holy (Disk 15) bp15-8863
Home For The Holidays (ASCAP) (Disk 15) bp15-8217
Home Sweet Home (Disk 15) bp15-8216
Honeymoon March- The (Disk 15) bp15-8218
Honeysuckle and The Bee Song- The - Penn (Disk 15) bp15-8219
Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight (Disk 15) bp15-8221
Hound Dog (Disk 15) bp15-8222
How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (Disk 15) bp15-8693
How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas (B.M.I.) (Disk 15) bp15-8735
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria (Disk 15) bp15-8223
How Great Thou Art (Disk 15) bp15-8224
Howd You Like To Spoon With Me (Disk 15) bp15-8225
Huntsmans Chorus (Disk 15) bp15-8226
Hurrah For The Orphan Boy (Disk 15) bp15-8227
I Am The Very Model (Of A Modem Major General) (Disk 15) bp15-8228
I Cant Help Falling In Love (Disk 15) bp15-8229
I Cant Tell Why I Love Her But I Do Song - Edwards (Disk 15) bp15-8231
I Don't Know How To Love Him (Disk 15) bp15-8715
I Dreamed A Dream (Disk 15) bp15-8641
I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls (Disk 15) bp15-8232
I Feel Pretty (West Side Story) (Disk 15) bp15-8233
I Guess Ill Have To Telegraph My Baby (Disk 15) bp15-8234
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (Disk 15) bp15-8235
I Just Called To Say I Love You (Disk 15) bp15-8236
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth - Handel (Disk 15) bp15-8237
I Love To Tell The Story (Disk 15) bp15-8864
I Loved My Love In The Springtime - Englaender (Disk 15) bp15-8239
I Need Thee Every Hour (Disk 15) bp15-8865
I Need Your Love Tonight (Disk 15) bp15-8240
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Disk 15) bp15-8241
I Saw Three Ships A Sailing (Disk 15) bp15-8242
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Disk 15) bp15-8708
I Want You- I Need You- I Love You (Disk 15) bp15-8243
I Will Always Love You (Disk 15) bp15-8760
I Wonder As I Wander (Disk 15) bp15-8244
I Write The Songs (Disk 15) bp15-8245
Id Like To Teach The World To Sing (Disk 15) bp15-8246
Idol Of My Heart Song- The (Disk 15) bp15-8251
If Every Day Was Like Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8252
If I Fell (Disk 15) bp15-8665
If I Get Home On Christmas Day (Disk 15) bp15-8253
If I Only Had A Brain (Wizard Of Oz) (Disk 15) bp15-8254
If I Were A Rich Man (Disk 15) bp15-8255
If You Love Your Baby Make Goo Goo Eyes (Disk 15) bp15-8256
If Your Heart Aint Busy Tonight (ASCAP) (Disk 15) bp15-8752
Ill Be Home For Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8248
Ill Be Seeing You (Disk 15) bp15-8821
Ill Follow The Sun (Disk 15) bp15-8663
Ill Never Fall In Love Again (Disk 15) bp15-8247
I'm A Stand By My Woman Man (Disk 15) bp15-8757
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Disk 15) bp15-8817
I'm Going To Wash That Man (South Pacific) (Disk 15) bp15-8249
I'm Late (Disk 15) bp15-8250
Imagine (Disk 15) bp15-8673
Impossible Dream (Disk 15) bp15-8784
In My Life (Beatles) (Disk 15) bp15-8671
In My Life (Disk 15) bp15-8656
In The Garden (Disk 15) bp15-8867
In The Gloaming (Disk 15) bp15-8257
In The Good Old Summertime (Disk 15) bp15-8258
In The Mood (Disk 15) bp15-8836
Indian Idyl - Bendix (Disk 15) bp15-8259
Inniscarra Fly Song- The (Disk 15) bp15-8260
Invitation To The Dance (Disk 15) bp15-8261
Iris Waltzes - Quaries (Disk 15) bp15-8262
Irish Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8264
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Disk 15) bp15-8265
It Must Have Been The Mistletoe (Disk 15) bp15-8810
It Wont Seem Like Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8266
Its A Small World (Disk 15) bp15-8270
Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8267
Its Christmas Time All Over The World (Disk 15) bp15-8268
Its Now Or Never (Disk 15) bp15-8269
Javerts Suicide (Disk 15) bp15-8653
Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats (Disk 15) bp15-8685
Jesus- Lover Of My Soul (Disk 15) bp15-8273
Jingle Bell Rock (Disk 15) bp15-8275
Jingle Bells (Disk 15) bp15-8274
Jolly Coppersmith- The (Disk 15) bp15-8276
Jolly Fellows Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8277
Jolly Old St. Nicholas (Disk 15) bp15-8278
Joy To The World (Disk 15) bp15-8279
Joyful- joyful We Adore Thee (Disk 15) bp15-8873
Julia (Disk 15) bp15-8674
June Bug Dance Polka- The (Disk 15) bp15-8280
Just As I Am (Disk 15) bp15-8866
Just The Way You Are (Disk 15) bp15-8694
Keep A Little Cozy Comer In Your Heart For Me - Morse (Disk 15) bp15-8281
Keep It Between The Lines (Disk 15) bp15-8761
King Carnival Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8283
King Cotton March - Sousa (Disk 15) bp15-8284
King Of The Road (Disk 15) bp15-8286
Kiss Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8287
Knusper Waltz From Hansel & Gretel (Disk 15) bp15-8288
La Fiesta Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8289
La Paloma Serenade (Disk 15) bp15-8290
La Petite Coquette Danse Caprice Crosby (Disk 15) bp15-8291
Lady (Disk 15) bp15-8777
Lagunes Waltz From A Night In Venice - Strauss (Disk 15) bp15-8292
Laras Theme (Dr. Zhivago) (Disk 15) bp15-8293
Last Hope- The (Disk 15) bp15-8294
Last Hours Of The Year- The (Disk 15) bp15-8295
Last Rose Of Summer (Disk 15) bp15-8296
Last Waltz- The (Disk 15) bp15-8770
Leader Of Co. B March (Disk 15) bp15-8297
Lenola Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8298
Let It Be (Disk 15) bp15-8660
Let It Be Me (Disk 15) bp15-8717
Let It Snow (Disk 15) bp15-8299
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Disk 15) bp15-8300
Lets Go Fly A Kite (Disk 15) bp15-8301
Liberty Bell March - Sousa (Disk 15) bp15-8302
Liebestraum (Disk 15) bp15-8841
Light Cavalry Overture (Disk 15) bp15-8303
Lingets Polka- The (Disk 15) bp15-8304
Little Drummer Boy (Disk 15) bp15-8305
Little Green Apples (Disk 15) bp15-8306
Little People (Disk 15) bp15-8658
Lo How A Rose Eer Blooming (Disk 15) bp15-8307
Loin Du Bal - Gilbert (Disk 15) bp15-8310
Long Long Time Ago (Disk 15) bp15-8712
Look At Us (Disk 15) bp15-8742
Look Down (Disk 15) bp15-8650
Loreley German Song (Disk 15) bp15-8311
Lost Chord- The - Sullivan (Disk 15) bp15-8312
Love Comes Like A Summer Sigh Little Tycoon - Spenser (Disk 15) bp15-8313
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Disk 15) bp15-8314
Love Is Blue (Disk 15) bp15-8669
Love Me Tender (Disk 15) bp15-8315
Love Me With All Your Heart (Disk 15) bp15-8718
Love Story (Disk 15) bp15-8316
Loves Dream After The Ball (Disk 15) bp15-8317
Loves Old Sweet Song (Disk 15) bp15-8318
Loves Own Kiss Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8320
Loves Sorrow (Disk 15) bp15-8319
Lucia Di Lammermoor - Donizetti (Disk 15) bp15-8321
Lullaby League And Lollipop Guild (Disk 15) bp15-8322
Ma- He's Making Eyes At Me (Disk 15) bp15-8829
Mabels Waltz (Pirates Of Penzance) (Disk 15) bp15-8324
Make The World Go Away (Disk 15) bp15-8325
Mama Hes Crazy (Disk 15) bp15-8749
Man In The Red Suit (Disk 15) bp15-8736
Mandolin Serenade - Foerster (Disk 15) bp15-8327
Manhattan Beach March - Sousa (Disk 15) bp15-8328
March - Nutcracker Suite (Disk 15) bp15-8329
March Of The Toys (Disk 15) bp15-8801
Maria (West Side Story) (Disk 15) bp15-8330
Marseillaise- The (Disk 15) bp15-8331
Martha Quinetto - Flotow (Disk 15) bp15-8332
Marvelous Toys- The (Disk 15) bp15-8733
Maryland My Maryland (Disk 15) bp15-8333
Marys Boy Child (Disk 15) bp15-8811
Masquerade (Disk 15) bp15-8334
Master Of The House (Disk 15) bp15-8645
Matchmaker- Matchmaker (Disk 15) bp15-8688
Meet Me In St. Louis - Louis- Mills (Disk 15) bp15-8335
Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (C.M.I.) (Disk 15) bp15-8734
Mele Kalikimaka (Disk 15) bp15-8737
Memory (Cats) (Disk 15) bp15-8336
Menutto Grazioso (Disk 15) bp15-8337
Merry Christmas Baby (Disk 15) bp15-8338
Merry Coppersmith- The (Disk 15) bp15-8339
Merry Wives Of Windsor (Disk 15) bp15-8341
Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia (Disk 15) bp15-8343
Mighty Laka Rose (Disk 15) bp15-8344
Mignon Polonaise - Thomas (Disk 15) bp15-8345
Mikado Waltz- The (Disk 15) bp15-8346
Minuet - Paderewski (Disk 15) bp15-8347
Miserie From 11 Trovatore - Verdi (Disk 15) bp15-8348
Mississippi Ragtime Two Step (Disk 15) bp15-8350
Mister Mistoffelees (Disk 15) bp15-8680
Mocking Bird- The (Disk 15) bp15-8351
Mona Lisa (Disk 15) bp15-8352
Monastery Bells (Disk 15) bp15-8353
Monte Carlo March (Disk 15) bp15-8354
Moon River (Disk 15) bp15-8355
Moonbeams - Oliver (Disk 15) bp15-8356
Moonlight Bay (Disk 15) bp15-8823
Moonlight Serenade (Disk 15) bp15-8358
Moonlight Sonata (Disk 15) bp15-8838
Morning Papers Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8359
Mosquitoes Parade March- The (Disk 15) bp15-8360
Most Beautiful Girl- The (Disk 15) bp15-8788
Most Of All I Wish You Were Here (Disk 15) bp15-8809
Mountain Stream- The (Disk 15) bp15-8361
Munchkin Land (Disk 15) bp15-8362
Music Box Dancer (Disk 15) bp15-8363
Music Of The Night (Disk 15) bp15-8364
My Country Tis Of Thee (Disk 15) bp15-8365
My Favorite Things (Disk 15) bp15-8366
My Little Irish Canary (Disk 15) bp15-8367
My Old Kentucky Home (Disk 15) bp15-8368
My Old New Hampshire Home (Disk 15) bp15-8369
My Pony Boy Song - OConnell (Disk 15) bp15-8370
My Queen Waltz - Coote (Disk 15) bp15-8371
My Sweethearts The Man In The Moon (Disk 15) bp15-8372
Mystery Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8373
Nadias Theme (Disk 15) bp15-8374
Narcissus (Disk 15) bp15-8375
Nest of Finches (Disk 15) bp15-8377
Never Knew Lonely (Disk 15) bp15-8748
Night In Venice Polka (Disk 15) bp15-8378
Nightingale Song - Necke (Disk 15) bp15-8380
Nine To Five (Disk 15) bp15-8381
Norwegian Wood (Disk 15) bp15-8668
Now Thank We All Our God (Disk 15) bp15-8867
Nutcracker Suite Pt. 4 (Disk 15) bp15-8550
Nuttin For Christmas (ASCAP) (Disk 15) bp15-8383
O Carolanas Concerto (Disk 15) bp15-8384
O Come- O Come Emmanuel (Disk 15) bp15-8807
O Holy Night (Disk 15) bp15-8386
O Little Town Of Bethlehem (Disk 15) bp15-8387
O Sanctissma (Disk 15) bp15-8388
O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) (Disk 15) bp15-8389
Ocean Front Property (Disk 15) bp15-8744
Ode To joy - Beethoven (Disk 15) bp15-8390
Oh- What A Beautiful Morning (Disk 15) bp15-8393
Oh You Beautiful Doll (Disk 15) bp15-8392
Oklahoma (Disk 15) bp15-8394
Old Black Joe - Foster (Disk 15) bp15-8395
Old Gumbie Cat- The (Disk 15) bp15-8683
Old Hundred - Hymn (Disk 15) bp15-8396
Old Oaken Bucket (Disk 15) bp15-8397
Old Toy Trains (Disk 15) bp15-8813
On A Saturday Night (Disk 15) bp15-8399
On A Snowy Christmas Night (Disk 15) bp15-8400
On A Sunday Afternoon (Disk 15) bp15-8401
On My Own (Disk 15) bp15-8647
On The Banks Of The Wabash - Dresser (Disk 15) bp15-8402
On The Christmas Tree The Lights Are Burning (Disk 15) bp15-8403
On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Disk 15) bp15-8830
Once In Royal Davids Cit@ (Disk 15) bp15-8405
Once Upon A Dream (Disk 15) bp15-8404
One Day More (Disk 15) bp15-8648
One Hand- One Heart (West Side Story) (Disk 15) bp15-8406
One Moment In Time (Disk 15) bp15-8407
Onward Christian Soldier - Hymn (Disk 15) bp15-8408
Out Of My Dreams (Disk 15) bp15-8409
Out Of Your Shoes (Disk 15) bp15-8754
Over - The Troubador (Disk 15) bp15-8411
Over The Rainbow (Wizard Of Oz) (Disk 15) bp15-8410
P.S. I Love You (Disk 15) bp15-8675
Paper Doll (Disk 15) bp15-8828
Parade Of Wooden Soldiers (Disk 15) bp15-8803
Peacemaker March- The - Alford (Disk 15) bp15-8413
Peg Of My Heart (Disk 15) bp15-8825
People Will Say Were In Love (Oklahoma) (Disk 15) bp15-8414
Phantom Of The Opera (Disk 15) bp15-8416
Pirates Chorus (Disk 15) bp15-8418
Poet And Peasant Overture (Disk 15) bp15-8419
Policemans Lot (Disk 15) bp15-8420
Polka After Motives From The Tyrolean-Zeller (Disk 15) bp15-8421
Polonaise - Chopin (Disk 15) bp15-8422
Polyphon March (Disk 15) bp15-8423
Power Of Love- The (Disk 15) bp15-8771
Pretty Paper (Disk 15) bp15-8724
Pride Of The Ball (Disk 15) bp15-8425
Primma Donna (Disk 15) bp15-8426
Prince Of Pilsen - Tale Of The Sea Shell (Disk 15) bp15-8427
Puppet Waltz- The (Disk 15) bp15-8428
Put Me On Top Of The World (Disk 15) bp15-8429
Puttin On The Ritz (Disk 15) bp15-8430
Radetzky March - Strauss (Disk 15) bp15-8431
Rag-Knots Two Step and Cake Walk - Coleman (Disk 15) bp15-8432
Rainbow Connection- The (Disk 15) bp15-8433
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Disk 15) bp15-8434
Rally Round The Flag (Disk 15) bp15-8435
Ramblin Rose (Disk 15) bp15-8436
Red Domino March - Henry (Disk 15) bp15-8438
Red Wing (Disk 15) bp15-8439
Regimental March (Disk 15) bp15-8440
Regina Gavotte (Disk 15) bp15-8441
Regina March (Disk 15) bp15-8442
Release Me (Disk 15) bp15-8443
Return To Sender (Disk 15) bp15-8444
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini - 18th Variation (Disk 15) bp15-8892
Rigoletto Quartet (Disk 15) bp15-8445
Rip Van Winkle Was A Lucky Man - Schwartz (Disk 15) bp15-8446
Rippling Waves Waltz- Weber (Disk 15) bp15-8447
Robert Le Diable (Disk 15) bp15-8448
Robin Hood Tinkers Song (Disk 15) bp15-8449
Robin Hood Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8450
Rock of Ages (Disk 15) bp15-8451
Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep (Disk 15) bp15-8452
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree (Disk 15) bp15-8453
Rocky Roads To Dublin - The (Disk 15) bp15-8454
Rosalie Polka (Disk 15) bp15-8455
Rosary- The (Disk 15) bp15-8456
Rose- The (Disk 15) bp15-8552
Roses and Violets Dance (Disk 15) bp15-8457
Roses Are Red (Disk 15) bp15-8785
Roses From The South (Disk 15) bp15-8458
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (jazzy Version) (Disk 15) bp15-8459
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Standard Version) (Disk 15) bp15-8460
Rum Turn Tugger- The (Disk 15) bp15-8682
Russian Dance (Disk 15) bp15-8461
Sabbath Prayer (Disk 15) bp15-8689
Sailors Hornpipe (Disk 15) bp15-8462
Santa- Bring Back My Baby To Me (Disk 15) bp15-8466
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Disk 15) bp15-8463
Santa Claus- Rudolph And Us (Disk 15) bp15-8738
Santa Lucia (Disk 15) bp15-8465
Say Aurevoir- But Not Goodbye (Disk 15) bp15-8468
Schorcher March- The (Disk 15) bp15-8469
Second Fiddle Waltz- The (Disk 15) bp15-8470
Send In the Clowns (Disk 15) bp15-8472
Sentimental journey (Disk 15) bp15-8820
Serenade - Hayden (Disk 15) bp15-8473
Serenade - Schubert (Disk 15) bp15-8474
Seventh U.S. Infantry March (Disk 15) bp15-8475
Shall We Gather At The River (Disk 15) bp15-8868
Shame On You - Smith (Disk 15) bp15-8477
She Was Bred In Old Kentucky Song (Disk 15) bp15-8478
Shes Leaving Home (Disk 15) bp15-8672
Siamese Cat Song (Disk 15) bp15-8479
Sidewalks Of New York Song- The - Blake (Disk 15) bp15-8480
Silent Night (Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht) (Disk 15) bp15-8513
Silver Bells (Disk 15) bp15-8481
Silver Threads Among The Gold (Disk 15) bp15-8482
Singers joy Polka - Strauss (Disk 15) bp15-8483
Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Sound Of Music) (Disk 15) bp15-8484
Skaters Waltz - Waldentenfel (Disk 15) bp15-8485
Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat (Disk 15) bp15-8678
Skirt Dance (Disk 15) bp15-8486
Sleep In My OldTucky Home (Disk 15) bp15-8487
Sleigh Ride (Disk 15) bp15-8488
Slumber So Gently- Song From Princess Bonnie (Disk 15) bp15-8489
Smokey Mokes Cake Walk (Disk 15) bp15-8490
Smoky Mountain Rain (Disk 15) bp15-8750
Snow Bird - Mazurka (Disk 15) bp15-8491
So Long- Farewell (Sound Of Music) (Disk 15) bp15-8492
Soldiers Chorus (Disk 15) bp15-8493
Some Day My Prince Will Come (Disk 15) bp15-8494
Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific) (Disk 15) bp15-8495
Somebody In Love (Disk 15) bp15-8758
Somethings Coming (West Side Story) (Disk 15) bp15-8496
Somewhere (West Side Story) (Disk 15) bp15-8497
Somewhere In Time (18th variation on a Theme of Paganini-Rachmaninov) (Disk 15) bp15-8498
Somewhere Out There (Disk 15) bp15-8695
Sonnambula- The (Disk 15) bp15-8499
Song From The Tyrolean (Disk 15) bp15-8501
Song Of The Virgin Mary - Hymn (Disk 15) bp15-8502
Song That Reached My Heart. The Jordan (Disk 15) bp15-8500
Soon It Will Be Christmas Day (Disk 15) bp15-8835
Sound Of Music (Disk 15) bp15-8504
Spanish Eyes (Disk 15) bp15-8796
Spin Spin - Swedish Song (Disk 15) bp15-8505
St. Elmo's Fire (Disk 15) bp15-8506
Stabat Mater (Disk 15) bp15-8507
Star Light- Star Bright (Disk 15) bp15-8508
Star Of The Sea (Disk 15) bp15-8511
Star Spangled Banner (Disk 15) bp15-8509
Stars (Disk 15) bp15-8640
Stars and Stripes Forever - Sousa (Disk 15) bp15-8512
Still Night Holy Night (Silent Night) (Disk 15) bp15-8513
Stradella Overture (Disk 15) bp15-8514
Straun Robertson (Disk 15) bp15-8515
Sunrise- Sunset (Disk 15) bp15-8690
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Disk 15) bp15-8517
Sure Love (Disk 15) bp15-8755
Surrey With The Fringe On Top (Oklahoma) (Disk 15) bp15-8518
Susquehanna Sue Song (Disk 15) bp15-8519
Swan Lake (Disk 15) bp15-8880
Swanee River - Old Folks At Home (Disk 15) bp15-8520
Sweet & Low (Disk 15) bp15-8521
Sweet Antoinette Song - Grey (Disk 15) bp15-8522
Sweet Bye & Bye (Disk 15) bp15-8523
Sweet Hour of Prayer (Disk 15) bp15-8869
Sweet Marie - Moore (Disk 15) bp15-8524
Sweet Nightingale (Disk 15) bp15-8525
Sweet Rosie OGrady (Disk 15) bp15-8526
Sweetest Story Ever Told- The (Disk 15) bp15-8527
Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi- The (Disk 15) bp15-8553
Take Me Home Country Roads (Disk 15) bp15-8530
Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Disk 15) bp15-8531
Tales Of The Vienna Woods - Strauss (Disk 15) bp15-8532
Tannhauser March - Wagner (Disk 15) bp15-8533
Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom De-Ay (Disk 15) bp15-8529
Te Deum Laudamus- Mighty Lord We Praise Thee (Disk 15) bp15-8534
Teddy Bear (Disk 15) bp15-8535
Tell Me Pretty Maiden (Disk 15) bp15-8536
Tennessee Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8537
Tenting Tonight On The Old Camp Ground Song (Disk 15) bp15-8538
Thank Heaven For Little Girls (Disk 15) bp15-8793
That's What Friends Are For (Disk 15) bp15-8773
That's When Your Heartache Begins (Disk 15) bp15-8541
The Bare Necessities (Disk 15) bp15-8542
The Chair (Disk 15) bp15-8743
The Entertainer (Disk 15) bp15-8545
The Lonely Goat Herd (Sound Of Music) (Disk 15) bp15-8546
The Merry Old Land Of Oz (Disk 15) bp15-8340
The Old Rugged Cross (Disk 15) bp15-8875
The Toy Trumpet (Disk 15) bp15-8800
Theme From Hill Street Blues (Disk 15) bp15-8554
Theme From Ice Castles (Disk 15) bp15-8774
There Is Nothing Like A Dame (South Pacific) (Disk 15) bp15-8382
These Dreams (Disk 15) bp15-8702
They Call Me The Belle Of New York Song - Kerker (Disk 15) bp15-8555
Think Of Me (Disk 15) bp15-8556
This Is My Fathers World (Disk 15) bp15-8874
This Is The Army Mr. Jones (Disk 15) bp15-8831
Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Disk 15) bp15-8559
To All The Girls Ive Loved Before (Disk 15) bp15-8560
To Life (Disk 15) bp15-8691
Tobasco March (Disk 15) bp15-8561
Tomorrow (From Annie) (Disk 15) bp15-8562
Tonight (Disk 15) bp15-8778
Tonight (West Side Story) (Disk 15) bp15-8563
Tramp Tramp Tramp - Prisoners Song (Disk 15) bp15-8564
Traumerei (Disk 15) bp15-8839
Treasure Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8848
Treasures Waltz From The Gypsy Baron - Strauss (Disk 15) bp15-8565
Treat Me Nice (Disk 15) bp15-8566
Trompeter Von Sakkingen- Behut Dich Gett-Nessler (Disk 15) bp15-8567
Trumpet Of The Regiment (Disk 15) bp15-8568
Turkey In The Straw (Disk 15) bp15-8569
Turkish Patrol - Michaelis (Disk 15) bp15-8570
Twas The Night Before Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8571
Twelve Days Of Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8572
Tyrolean Chorus (Disk 15) bp15-8573
Unchained Melody (Disk 15) bp15-8780
Under The Anheuser Bush Song (Disk 15) bp15-8575
Under The Double Eagle March - Wagner (Disk 15) bp15-8142
Under The Mistletoe Bow - Mother Goose Song (Disk 15) bp15-8574
Unforgettable (Disk 15) bp15-8769
United States Soldiers March (Disk 15) bp15-8576
Up On The Housetop (Disk 15) bp15-8577
Vaat Shes Doing Now (Disk 15) bp15-8747
Verlassen Verlassen - German Song (Disk 15) bp15-8578
Vienna Blood Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8850
Vienna March (Disk 15) bp15-8579
Vienna Swallow (Disk 15) bp15-8580
Villa From Merry Widow (Disk 15) bp15-8581
Violetta Polka - Strauss (Disk 15) bp15-8582
Virginia Reel (Disk 15) bp15-8584
Viva Las Vegas (Disk 15) bp15-8585
Voice Of Spring Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8849
Volare (Disk 15) bp15-8586
Waltz (From Poor Jonathan) Milloecker (Disk 15) bp15-8587
Waltz In A Flat (Disk 15) bp15-8840
Waltz Of The Flowers (Disk 15) bp15-8588
Waltz Of The Snowflakes (Disk 15) bp15-8804
Washington Post March (Disk 15) bp15-8589
Waves Of The Danube Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8590
Way We Were- The (Disk 15) bp15-8591
We Need A Little Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8720
We Three Kings Of Orient Are (Disk 15) bp15-8592
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8593
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Disk 15) bp15-8596
Wearing Of The Green (Disk 15) bp15-8597
Wedding Chorale/Beggars At The Feast (Disk 15) bp15-8652
Wedding Dance (Disk 15) bp15-8692
Wedding March - Lohengrin (Disk 15) bp15-8598
Wedding March - Mendelssohn - Here Comes the Bride(Disk 15) bp15-8599
Wedding Of The Winds (Disk 15) bp15-8600
Were Off To See The Wizard (Disk 15) bp15-8595
We've Only just Begun (Disk 15) bp15-8775
What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Disk 15) bp15-8871
What A Wonderful World (Disk 15) bp15-8601
What Kind Of Love (Disk 15) bp15-8753
Whatever Will Be- Will Be (Disk 15) bp15-8602
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Disk 15) bp15-8794
When Mr. Shakespeare Comes To Town - Schwartz (Disk 15) bp15-8604
When You First Met The Girl You Love (Disk 15) bp15-8605
When You Wish Upon A Star (Disk 15) bp15-8606
Where Do Broken Hearts Go (Disk 15) bp15-8710
Where The River Shannon Flows - Russell (Disk 15) bp15-8607
While Shephards Watched Their Flocks (Disk 15) bp15-8608
Whistle While You Work (Disk 15) bp15-8609
Whistler And His Dog - Caprice (Disk 15) bp15-8610
Whistling Rufus March (Disk 15) bp15-8611
White Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8612
White Christmas Makes Me Blue (ASCAP) (Disk 15) bp15-8725
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (Disk 15) bp15-8613
Wiener Blur Waltz - Strauss (Disk 15) bp15-8614
William Tell Prayer (Disk 15) bp15-8615
Wind Beneath My Wings- The (Disk 15) bp15-8616
Wine, Women And Song (Disk 15) bp15-8617
Winnie The Pooh (Disk 15) bp15-8618
Winter Wonderland (Disk 15) bp15-8619
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Disk 15) bp15-8620
Wonderful World Of Christmas (Disk 15) bp15-8621
Wooden Hearts (Disk 15) bp15-8622
Words Of Love (Disk 15) bp15-8676
Would You Care Song - Harris (Disk 15) bp15-8623
Yale Boola March (Disk 15) bp15-8624
Yankee Doodle (Disk 15) bp15-8625
Yellow Bird (Disk 15) bp15-8626
Yesterday (Disk 15) bp15-8659
You Are My Sunshine (Disk 15) bp15-8792
You Can Fly- You Can Fly- You Can Fly (Disk 15) bp15-8627
You Decorated My Life (Disk 15) bp15-8628
You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Disk 15) bp15-8783
You Light Up My Life (Disk 15) bp15-8629
You Made Me Love You (Disk 15) bp15-8834
You'll Never Walk Alone (Disk 15) bp15-8630
Younger Than Springtime (South Pacific) (Disk 15) bp15-8635
You're The Flower Of My Heart Sweet Adeline (Disk 15) bp15-8633
Zenda Waltz (Disk 15) bp15-8637
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Disk 15) bp15-8638