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Reuge Thirty Six Lucite Paper Weight

Reuge Thirty Six Lucite Paper Weight(1.36)

Only "Ode to Joy" and "Swan Lake" were currently made to order and are priced at 519.50

Reuge's beautiful brass movement, playing the tune of your choice, encased in a crystal clear lucite case. A 36 note mechanism at a reasonable cost. It could make a unique paperweight for any desk or....will delight your guests if set on your coffee table. Dimensions 4" x 3 1/4" x 1 3/8".
Please note:
Reuge has not been making all tunes on their list available for the current market. We have some old stock but many of the tunes are not available. we will notify you immediately should you request something we do not have.

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To order something that is not on the current Reuge List or in our old (but new) stock, Please add 97.50 to special order from Reuge. They will make up certain tunes for us such as "Swan Lake" and "Ode to Joy" at an additional charge and these two are in stock now with additional charge totaling 519.50