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Straight Lined Walnut Musical Box with Floral and Instrumental Inlay

Floral and Instrumental Inlay Walnut Musical Box (3.50)

Some of these are 2.50 while others are 3.50 and some must be specially ordered.
You will be advised within 24 hours if we do not have it readily available to ship.

This elegant straight lined Cabinet with Floral and Instrumental Marquetry playing your choice of our available 50 note Sankyo/Orpheus movements is of late, a one and only.   Dimensions 9 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 3 1/4" high. There is no compartment for jewelry as it is treated like the fine musical instrument it is.

  Featuring the beautiful Orpheus 50 note mechanism playing through glass, installed in and upon fine wood to optimize its lilting tones. no matter what music you select,  you are going to enjoy showing this to all. (see more below)

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