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Woodstock Gregorian Wind Chimes Complete Set

Woodstock Gregorian Wind Chimes Complete Set


Save 15% on the complete set when you create a cathedral of sound with these wonderful chimes. Tuned to a medieval scale, they echo the vocal music of the Gothic era that is sung to accompany meditation in the churches of Europe since the late 18th Century.

Garry Kvistad (CEO of Woodstock Chimes) conceived this set while listening to the hypnotic sounds of chant in the resonant chambers of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. This is Woodstock's most popular chime. The tranquility of this ancient music is perfectly suited for the random movement of a windchime. From the light, lovely sound of the Little Gregorian to the deep dark tones of the Gregorian Baritone. Made of Cherry wood with 8 Silver tubes. Length: 56 inches.

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Wind Chimes and Woodstock Bells Sound Samples
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