Musing #6 – Carousel or a Merry-Go-Round? There is a difference!

“Are you aware that there is a difference? Merry-go-Rounds or Round-a-bouts as they are called in the United Kingdom, revolve Clock-wise as they do in the rest of Europe. Here in the U.S.A. our carousels (derivatives: French carrousel and Italian garosello) turn counter-clockwise.
In either case, they charm their riders by revolving (one way or the other) about a center housing, boasting a platform endowed with graceful galloping horses and perhaps strolling lions, tigers, bears, zebras or even pigs.”
This partially quoted topic and some interesting history is continued at the bottom of our Carousel Merry-Go-Round Page on our website.  Feel free to browse and purchase one if you wish.

2 thoughts on “Musing #6 – Carousel or a Merry-Go-Round? There is a difference!

  1. Doesn’t a carousel only have horses where a merry-go-round has lots of different animals?

  2. Thank you for your interest. The very oldest Carousels were made with horses only. They were actually used as training “devises” for warriors. Carousels became “Merry-go-rounds” especially in the US and the directions were reversed to catch the “golden rings.” Animal were added to both; in Europe to Carousels and to Merry-go-rounds” here.
    I couldn’t find any documentation regarding your thoughts. Please so let me know if you find anything to that effect.

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