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Instrumental and Floral Inlay Music Box

Instrumental and Floral Inlay Music Box (3.50)

Exquisite Italian marquetry of an intricately framed Instrumental pattern with subtle little flowers adorns the lid of this fifty note burled elm music box. Available playing Mozart's "The Magic Flute" including "The Glockenspiel","Ein Madchen oder Weibchen" and "Vogelfanger" or three Strauss Waltzes: "Tales of Vienna Woods", "An Artist's Life" and "The Blue Danube Waltz" with a 50 note Jobin mechanism It measures 8" x 5.5" and stands 2.75" on small brass feet. Its sliding frontal off/on button activates its music.

When you add to cart, you will be able to select your favorite 50 note Orpheus movement from our 50 note Tune Selector which has several operas listed.
bst103300-50j $980.00
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