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Musical Parlor Puzzle - Roll the beads into place

Parlor Puzzles Composer or Music Singles (unboxed)

Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, sheet music
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Try to get all the little balls in the little pockets and keep them there and you win! Great stocking stuffers or end of year gifts for music teacher's/students.
One composer puzzle is close to 3" in diameter.

Composers available (pictured left to right, top to bottom):
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Johannes Brahms
Johann Sebastian Bach - Frederic Chopin
Ludwig van Beethoven - George Frideric Handel

Please note, that these puzzles do not come in a gift box. If you would like to order it with the gift box, visit the following page on our website:
Also, available- NEW! MUSIC NOTES.
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