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Twelve Month Plan of Music and Menus by Sharon OConnor

Twelve Month Plan of Music and Menus by Sharon O'Connor


Menu and Music of the Month Plan. Join the Plan and receive as a free gift...your choice of any one with the last shipment. Treat yourself or send to whomever you wish. We will send a gift package each month and you will be billed at that time $31.00 plus shipping and handling. You may also elect to purchase all at once and save the shipping costs, which we will pay. (See Twelve Months at Once)

January Spa - Start the new century feeling great
February Dinners for Two - Inspiration for Valentine's Day
March The Irish Isle - A stylish St. Patrick's Day celebration
April Lighthearted Gourmet - It's time to lighten up for Spring
May Afternoon Tea Serenade - Mother's Day and graduation teas
June Rock & Roll Diner - Father's day and end-of-school celebrations
July Picnics - 4th of July picnics/summer music festivals
August Music and Food of Spain - The perfect cuisine for warm weather
September Dining and the Opera - The Season begins anew
October Bistro - Time for comfortable, cozy dinner parties
November Holidays - Thanksgiving through New Year's entertaining
December Nutcracker Sweet - Baking and a beloved ballet become a family tradition.
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